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Website Calendar for sitebuilder

December 9, 2017     1 comment

Over the years I've used numerous website Calendar AddOns and of alll these apps I find using the Google calendar app is y far the easiest to maintain of all.

To get started; go to Google and download the calendar app. Start with the Holidays calendar.Save. Then in the left  column select My Calendars>Setting. Here you can fix your way (YOU MUST MAKE THE CALENDAR "PUBLIC" to display on a webpage), when done select Save and click on the named calendar, next select "embed this calendar in  your website", copy the code. On the page of choice select the "Source or HTML button. Herre is where you paste your code. Change the Width from "800" to  "90%", save and publish.

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Master Sergeant Mario Enrique Gonzales Acker, Guatemala Post
December 9, 2017

can't get it embedded. Time to quit for the day.

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