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Newsletters Directory list

 April 29, 2013     0 Comments

To view example goto... and click the newsletters link on the Main


Post does

Administrator>Site>Media Manager... At the bottom add in the Create Director line

At the Top Click the CREATE button..

You upload your newsletters here.. file types can be .pdf or .doc ONLY.

Double Click the folder.
Browse for files, select and upload.

GOTO admin>Menu> Main Menu.. Click the NEW icon. Select Type Link-URL. NEXT.
Enter for Name... Newsletters.
Enter for link... /images/stories/newsletters/ ... Word is case sensitive.
Enter for... On Click, Open in: New Window with Browser Navigation

Select Save..

Open live site and view results. The file name is Important! I recommend starting with the year and then editions to place files in alpa order.

After you finish contact me. I have to set up:

In cPanel Remove index file from /images/stories/newsletters/

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