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SEO title metatag

 March 18, 2019     0 Comments

QUESTION How can I change the title meta tag for an individual tag , so I could set up a different one for each page.
I need to improve SEO and this is important.

You could create another field (ie seo_title) and then in the meta title (for that page) use:

<title><?php echo $page->seo_title;?></title>

or really echo that in whatever tag you need.

HOW TO Goto Admin>Setup>Templates>home. Click the "create a new field" link. Name the new field "seo_title"
TYPE select "Text" Write whatever you want in the description field something like "<title>" meta tag. SAVE!!
Return to "edit template" "home" click the Add Field link and select seo_title.
To make it appear on the actual webpage you will need to edit in file manager>site>templates>_head.php the <title> tag on the 4th line down. SAVE

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